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Furniture, office supplies, IT, security, ... offers you everything for the equipment of your office!

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner for the purchase of office supplies and office furniture? Bruneau delivers everything you need within 24 hours so that you can get started right away.

Office supplies and furniture

Our offer mainly consists of: office chairs, workstations, pens, packs of A4 or A3 paper, dispensers and adhesive tape, cutters, laminators or even ordners, calculators, paper shredders, ... Our extensive range helps thousands of professional customers every day to equip their office!

Do you need more storage space?

Bookcases, office cabinets, storage bins, plastic boxes, desks and drawer cabinets, ... We help you free up space to work more efficiently and better organised.

IT equipment

Here you will really find everything you need: RJ45 cable, Azerty keyboard and ergonomic mouse, audio headset, network card, laptop, professional printer (laser or inkjet), telephone, ... But also more specific high-tech products: 3D printer, graphics tablet, external hard drive, computer server, docking station, telephone exchange, ... All from leading brands in their field: Apple, Microsoft, Jabra, TnB, Epson, Brother, HP to name a few

The break room also deserves some attention!

Water fountain, Evian bottle, Cristalline, coffee and sugar, tea dispenser: Bruneau offers a multitude of hot or cold drinks in all seasons. And because we know that a little sweetness is always welcome in the office, muesli bars, sweet biscuits in bags, mini Madeleines, speculoos and other cakes are also available.

Regular cleaning is important everywhere.

From the canteen to the meeting room, through the office or the toilets! To do this quickly and properly, arm yourself with the best equipment: professional vacuum cleaner, polishing machine, broom, cleaning cart, mop, plastic bag, garbage bag, ... And don't forget to stock up with soap, towels, toilet paper, detergent and washing liquid!