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Indulge your employees or visitors with a drink and a biscuit. That will give your reception that little extra that is so much appreciated!

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A lot of people enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Those coffee lovers will certainly meet their needs here, but we also offer sufficient alternatives such as an elaborate assortment tea, water and sodas. Also think about the needed machinery such as a coffee maker, water boiler or 4-drinks distributor.

That drink should of course be accompanied with a snack. You will certainly find the classic biscuit here, but also those who prefer candy or salt are well catered for here. Don't forget the milk and sugar for the coffee.

A successful reception isn't complete without the right glasses, napkins and cutlery. Also the serving trays and cork openers you'll find here, as well as the fridge to keep the drinks cool.

Do you wish to give your visitors a present? Than you should take a look at the gift wrappings.

All these possibilities will guarantee swifter meetings and nicer receptions!